A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught – #1 bestselling author Judith McNaught dazzles with this beloved romantic classic, “one of the best ever”. A Kingdom of Dreams (#46 on our Top Romances List) done so with Judith McNaught until a friend suggested A Kingdom Of Dreams. Jennifer Merrick is a feisty Scottish Countess in the 15th century. She is abducted from her convent school by Royce Westmoreland, an English Earl known as.

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One that would set the foundation for many generations to come.

Desert Isle Keeper

It was wonderful reading about Royce and Jennifer falling for each other and all the conflicting emotions going on definitely made things more interesting. May 11, Tatiana rated it it was ok Recommends it for: BTW, I think “Jennifer” is an unusual name for a medieval heroine but I’m not an expert in History, so I’m not sure it isn’t appropriate. The “hero” Royce was likable enough, even if I wanted to throttle him sometimes for his stubbornness.

There are some great characters in the story.

A Kingdom of Dreams – Wikipedia

An impossible union that may destroy them, or bring peace to all. That would be Jenny. So, she ends up having to marry Royce not a spoiler, happens first page of the book and she acts like it’s a death sentence.

Kudos to McNaught for that, eh? They don’t sceer me ‘tall.

A Kingdom of Dreams (Westmoreland, book 1) by Judith McNaught

Same grievances I had with Paradise I ran into in here, the amount of anxiety, anger, and frustration I experienced while reading this just colored my opinion of the whole story and unfortunately the characters too.

Blind to the beauty of the place he’d been yearning to see for eight long years, Royce wondered grimly how it was possible that he could intimidate knights, nobles, squires and battle-hardened soldiers into doing his bidding with a single glance, and yet he could not seem to force on young, stubborn, defiant Scottish girl to behave.


Mcnaugh love scene that follows is probably the most touching that I have ever read. I still feel a tug in my heart remembering it.

He died like a Merrick,” he added with grim pride, “fighting to the end. And that was just the being of the adventure Oh Man there is so much love that I have for this story, and honestly I can’t even begin to express how much I adored these two and what conflict that drives them together In my eyes, he is the perfect hero.

Royce is known as The Wolf and is the King of England’s best warrior. Stay strong in your love of this book, ya hear? Royce on the other hand is easier to like, in spite of some violent acts. This book is available from Pocket Books. I didn’t always agree with everything Royce and Jennifer did but, in a sense, their actions were consistent and “right”.

Breathless and laughing, Jenny yanked off her hood to see whom she’d captured, mindless of the red gold hair tumbling down over her shoulders and arms. The Silver Devil judlth, is dark, gritty, and authentic to the time period; while, A Kingdom of Dreamsis modish, amusing, and fantastical. Having made the toast, the groom’s brother raised his goblet and smiled grimly uudith the groom. A great one by McNaught that you shouldn’t miss if you love medieval.

Although I can no longer say all of Judith McNaught’s books are for sure five-star reads after reading Someone to Watch Over MeI think I can still say that her historical romances are in a class of their own. If you let me, I’ll make it good between us. This was the first book where I loathed the Scottish characters and was rooting for the English, pillaging and snobbery and all.


Garrick Carmichael and the others might xreams been fooled by Alexander’s angelic looks, but not ol’ Josh. After that, there will be only pleasure.

Boldly she challenges kinngdom will. I could have taken you by force any time these past days. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. His greatest desire is to retire from battle and share a peaceful life with a wife in the castle he began building eight years ago. This book is full of battles, castles, tournaments, feasts, knights in armour, ladies in beautiful medieval clothing, royal decrees etc etc.

Tom silenced at Jenny’ s kf look and argued no more about her alleged fear of frogs. Her groom stepped into position beside her, and Jennifer jerked an inch away, her stomach churning with resentment and humiliation at having to endure his nearness. Not my definition of it at least. All of my sisters and a friend of mine are all re-reading McNaught and Garwood books. Now she felt — dead.

Lovers of this book should unite and stand as one against the evil haters of this book…LOL. Please read this if you haven’t, it will change you. Breathtaking and incredibly thick with layers and plot twists, this is the best HR I’ve read to date.