The tent-like structure with its three-layer envelope will provide shelter to Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan – the world’s tallest. Khan Shatyr (“Royal Marquee”) is a transparent tent located in Astana Built in a neofuturist style Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center. Khan Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, the highest tensile structure in the world. Wikimedia | ©. the ‘khan shatyr entertainment centre’, the world’s tallest tensile structure, celebrated its grand opening in astana, kazakhstan earlier this week.

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It gained a foothold in Kazakhstan by building a bedroom five-star hotel in just nine months. Building the world’s largest tent by Thomas Lane 16 July Following article shatjr from Building.

The UK firms did concept design with detail taken on by local firms. For Sembol, which is just 10 years old, this was a chance to prove it could build something really challenging. Enclosing an area in excess ofsquare metres it comprises an urban-scaled park, with a metre jogging track, along with a wide variety of shopping and leisure facilities, including restaurants, cinemas and entertainment spaces that can accommodate a varied programme of events and exhibitions.

The trickiest part – and biggest shatgr into the unknown – was the beginning of the lift. Building the world’s largest tent by Thomas Lane 16 July With all the cables attached to the adjusters, the tension was progressively increased. Built in a neofuturist style, the architectural project was unveiled by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on December 9, The traditional yurt has a single central pole that supports a wooden frame and is clad in felt.


For example the landscaped areas are maintained at 15C in the winter and allowed to rise to 30C in the summer.

Sembol welded the tripod together during the winter ofready for the big lift in early December. When they were correctly tensioned, the ETFE cladding was installed.

Another wheeze khah running heating wires through the concrete so it could cure in the freezing conditions. Sorry there was a error. The answer was to enclose the pool areas inside a secondary ETFE clad space.

To haul the tripod upright, temporary cables were attached to the top of it, hooked over a 90m-high temporary tower and fixed to strand jacks on the ground on the other side of the tower. Normally, syatyr work in Kazakhstan stops during the bitterly cold winter but not here.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center | Foster + Partners

Over 1 million square feet under roof and almost feet tall, Khan Shatyr “Royal Shattr in English will not sip fossil fuels.

Hospitality and Leisure Retail. For example the landscaped areas are maintained at 15C in the winter and allowed to rise to 30C in the summer. Go through the inner ring into the centre of the building and there is a huge multipurpose circulation space where the tripod sits.

Grand opening of Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan the world’s tallest tensile structure

More than simply a shelter from the weather, it seems like an escape from Kazakhstan itself. For a start, the Khan Shatyr leans, and is elliptical rather than round. The project is design and build. Maintaining a constant temperature Structire an 80C temperature swing between winter and summer, keeping the building at a comfortable temperature was always going to be a struxture. Air can be directed out of the top of the tent if it gets really hot inside, and there are generous tolerances for internal temperature.


This makes the tent element easier to build. Also, paired cables provide a stable base for the ETFE support points. The tripod had been built so two of the three legs were attached to the final anchoring knan.

The complex, known as Khan Shatyr, is a recreational center for the people of Kazakhstan that promises a year-round “outdoor” active life for a city caught in the extreme climate of the Kazakh steppe. Foster and Buro Happold had already been strucyure about large tents being the most efficient way of enclosing big spaces; they got the chance to test their theories on a building with a floor area of ,m2.

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The legs were pinned so they could move as if on a giant hinge.