Now it is time to discuss the Great Clans of Rokugan in much more depth and detail. Each chapter examines one of the Great Clans in extensive detail. AEG The Great Clans – Legend of the Five Rings RPG 4th Edition by AEG Games The Emerald Empire of Rokugan has long been one of war and conflict. The Great Clans is a supplement for the Legend of the Rive Rings RPG of the Five Rings RPG (along with other games like the L5R CCG.

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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: English Choose a language for shopping. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Humans almost exclusively make up the population of the clans, great and minor, as well as the other groups within Rokugan.

All the history, oppinions, and clan secrets they couldn’t fit into the core book make an apearance here. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. See all 10 reviews. Known for centuries as the Left Hand of the Emperor, the Crane Clan is responsible for maintaining the balance and integrity of the Empire’s courts and of Rokugani society in general. Little is known of these islands and their inhabitants to the general populace of Rokugan, although secretly and illegally the Mantis Clan has been carrying on trade with this nation for some time.

Usually, these families quickly gain the right to create a Minor Clan such as Usagi becoming the Hare Clan but on some occasions they continue as ronin families for many generations.


The clan families are Asahina, Daidoji, Doji, Kakita and the Yasuki, the only family name used by two separate clans. This book will make sure you know everything about each of the great clans.

The leader l5d the new Minor Clan gathers followers eager cpans join his cause and serve the Empire in their own unique ways.

They are tasked to patrol the Rokugani seas and guard them against gaijin invaders.

Great Clans

Their appearance is of a large crow standing upright, and whose wings can be flexed and used as arms. Additional chapters also cover the evil Spider Clan, the return of Heritage Tables, and vassal families.

Would you like to tell us about a greeat price? Most Minor Clans have only a single family name, and the smallest ones may only have a few dozen samurai in their ranks. It is thematically based on a fantasy version of Mongolia.

Scorpion knowledge is not shared with outsiders, but is a true thing of power. Pages with related products. Legend of the Five Rings.

Great Clans (RPG book) | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Unfortunately, this civilization was entirely within what has become the Shadowlands, and was destroyed when the dark Kami Fu Leng fell to lr earth. Other kingdoms, such as the Thrane or Merenae, which used to threaten Rokugan with their gun carrying vessels, are all but disappeared after a strange plague wiped them out. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

Get to Know Us. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Rgeat.

However, with the fall of Fu Leng from the Heavens, the ogres were subjugated to his will, suffering extensive physical corruption and devolution, and have since become the monsters they now are. Their duty is to guard the Carpenter Wall that separates the empire of Rokugan from the foul and tainted Shadowlands. Long before the rise of Rokugan, the Naga had a vast and vibrant civilization.


The citizens and rulers of the Burning Sands and Ivory Kingdoms might disagree, however. The art work is fantastic and the rules securely balanced for this version of legend of the five rings. A lot of flavor text for everyone and plenty of new classes to be a good book for GMs and Players alike.

There is no given name for the entire world which the setting describes, so “Rokugan” is used alternately to refer to the specific xlans within the setting grewt to refer to the entire world. Oracles cannot attack a being unless they are attacked first, and can be killed but are extremely powerful. Oracles are former mortals who attain the Role of Oracle by being selected by the Celestial Dragons or by Jigoku. It is mainly background information and setting details, with some character options built in for each clan.

It was considered an outlaw clan until the end of the Destroyer War when the Empress granted them Great Clan Status in what many Samurai perceived as a “deal with the darkness”. These nomads are fierce raiders, known for their Wyrm riding chiefs and powerful shamans. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: