Y DERECHOPARERAS, LUIS 1. DON JOS DE SAN MARTN’ CIDUAD DE ESPERANZABIANCHINI, NICOLSFACULTAD AL NIVEL DE PARTICIPACION DE LA MUJER EN EL SECTOR/PROGRAMA RICARDO A ESCUDILLA – LAS SOMBRAS DEL PJARO TOSTADO. Thus the films and novels 2 Again, see Saval Martn Galvn and Gmez Lpez 23 See Laura Freixass Literatura y mujeres (). Jos Luis G arca Escudero head of the Film and Theater department at the El bat alln de las sombras. // weekly .

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Reconfiguring the Spanish Identity

Employes in the frozen rates are those whose pay was high- er than the rates established when the existing wage struc- ture for local-rate employes was established In February Seri 1n mito toda organizaciin de Partidos, sue carezca de estas elementles garantias para impulisarla e incorpnorar al pueblo a ella”. DIAL protege Ia natural tersura y belleza de la piel.

T, I P Eombra doctor Sixto Aquino. Con una Mpliaw copera- ci6m especialmnente de Is mdres so espera que en un tutura pr6xima se disminuyan extraordinariamente gran nmer de enfermedades. Editorial reaction In Europe included: Newcomer, leaves today by air- plane on a short trip to Washing- ton, D. The girl staved in the car.


Repairs would leave his home like ne P. Irv- ing Marsh; Louis Mauro; Lt. Jeannette Cain, l, officiated and told the group of the Pauline Holmelin Class, which is named in honor of Mrs. En onto Imomento In casat logran ]a normalidad. Evangelical and Reformed Church “right on down the line. MAll of the major studios with a Southern accent.

Roy Fort, extended a cordial welcome those present. Ese fu el capital inicial de Ia emnoresa que ahora gira cn mslones.

The Panama American

SAnchez elev6 un alom6n a Nel- de done anota or hit de Dick ls pitch rs: PudIera sr qar Is ausrola Orpat pttrp. Eva Forest Qumnteno pos bnillantisimos.

T6nmese frlo o caliente. El ejercicio es mco enolecioso si to combine con tIestapAnaion y hasta terminarla dark al or. Diario de la marina Publisher: ES eisnr s edi s elante tubrn aFbase det5 4 eu uta r lig udsya”p. The Mississippi River In the area crested at the highest level sincecausing 1, persons to be driven from their homes.

Diario de la marina ( April 14, 1930 )

I- I popedad cbI. Ceer ron eDidlM oen ifos. Is Grandeza d Espa fia. La venici a n dacdB. E m eI Ies. M rI L tusu hds1a lu di e ydr un eisnea y It 1. However broad-minded one may be. Fitzlcdiiee d 1a Cd. D Do qui 1alnpelg. C ii Pnir n p-p e u pin- iinnnPorlndenrmeiu.


Hamilton carried the smaller lb. House B Curundu or Tel.

Lucerito de Espofia Al0I. The winner wasn’t even breathing heavily at the finish. Es on aspirante muay peligrs. Ramsdell yielded onlv six hits.

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Ana o ores Go me. Cumberbatch, a top conten- der in the flyweight division, has put on weight and moved up the pound class. Y de itJ1 Myjer muicha poiilidaodes by. Passengers may address thorn in flight and hand them to the steward of stewardess, who will deliver them to PAA station ptt- sonnei at the next stop.

Now it is the other way around.