La théorie des dominos: Alex Scarrow, Laura Derajinski: Books – About the Author. Alex Scarrow vit en Grande-Bretagne, à Norwich. La Théorie des dominos est son premier roman publié en France. La Theorie Des Dominos (Ldp Thrillers) (French Edition) by Scarrow, Scarrow, Alex and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available.

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There’s rarely a plan. It’s not something I give thought to often, but imagine if the oil supplies were suddenly cut off – would the world alxe together or would it descend into chaos?

: Alex Scarrow: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In other words, total suspension of disbelief as I spent a few days tied to the story.

Bloody terrifying – a near future look at our dependence on oil for almost everything. The last few chapters see Alex Scarrow pull out his tinfoil hat, and the plot devolves into serious Illuminati territory.

Oil engineer Andy Sutherland is stranded in Iraq with a company of British soldiers, desperate to find a way home, trapped as the very inf It begins on a very normal Monday morning.

Last Light (Last Light, #1) by Alex Scarrow

The reader will keep this in the back of their minds during any future confrontation between character, dominant and weak. In particular it rattles on at pace, introduces twists and keeps you guessing to the end. On the downside the production of the book seems rather rushed maybe to beat real life?

I dare any of you to read this book and dez it with a clear concience about your carbon footprint, to not check the cupboards to see what food you have in and to wonder if leaving the city might be an ideas There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


The violence card gets overplayed and too early.

Alex Scarrow

Golding’s classic racks up the menace until it spills over into violence – more effective than starting at high pitch.

Or maybe I’ve been reading WAY too many apocalyptic novels lately and it’s starting to make me paranoid. No big deal though as the story is very gripping and the premise of total breakdown a scary thought. I first read Last Light in orbut I’ve always wanted to go back and revisit it again, because as well as being entertaining, it’s a book that carries a message – the dependency of the human race on oil is huge, and it’s complicated.

I enjoyed this undemanding, but thought-provoki It’s no work of literature but it is a more than passable thriller on a fascinating topic – what would happen if the world’s oil production was suddenly halted. As the world’s oil supplies are abruptly cut off, one somewhat ordinary family struggles to cope.

The story is told from the perspective of 4 people and skips from one to the next, leaving a hanging moment each time. View all 3 comments.

Last Light

OK, so it’s a page turner. But in the space of only a few days, the world’s oil supplies have been severed and at a horrifying pace things begin to unravel lw.

Big with an ill thought out plan? First cut off the oil supply and civilization collapses awfully fast nobrainer on that. Now you’ve gone to far Minus 1 Star. Other books in the series. It’s just a device to pin the scarrrow on, and I’m ok with that. It is simply a shallow book.

Having the M1 erroneously running past Birmingham probably shows some confusion in the author’s mind – good trainspotting by me though! Thank the gods that Scarrow had the decency to kill him or else these book would receive 1 star total. Looking forward to next sequel. The Twelve, and their foot soldiers theare a credible force behind the New World Order conspiracies, right up to the final scenes doninos the pudding is well scarro truly over egged, setting their roots in the 14th Century.


What happens to them and the disintegration of life around them is interesting enough and, in the main, well presented. Not that zombies or alien invasions aren’t realistic scenarios yep, I had to say that!

Thorif to Book Page. I struggled with this, not only because of the limitations of human memory, but also because this is a shadowy Illuminati-style cabal who have been secretly pulling the world’s strings for years OK, so it’s a page turner.

Reviews can be very handy when thinking about a purchase. Apr 18, Kat rated it really liked it Shelves: Characters are well presented, just enough information to let your imagination do the rest.

The drama occurs when this supply is suddenly cut off. The story moves at a decent pace and keeps you wanting to know what happens next. If was a warning of what could happen and what is happening now then Last Light is too. Meanwhile, daughter is at uni and son is at school, and soon all their lives are thrown into dang This is a mad book about peak oil, so a good one for the conspiracy nutjob in your life.

It would have been more realistic to have a single scene of this, showing the reader that it’s thorrie sort of thing that could happen if a collapse of any society occurs. Jun 30, Penny rated it did not like it Shelves: The story line lacked depth and could not escape poorly conceived characters that were both hard to like or believe in.