Disc JEPPESEN. JeppView LEMD/MAD. BARAJAS. MADRID, SPAIN. SID DESIGNATION. REFER TO CHART. M. C,. P rinte d from JeppV iew disc Notice: After Z this chart should not be used without first checking JeppV iew or NOTAM s. ^. ^. D. VFR Chart of LEMD. IFR Chart of LEMD. Location Information for LEMD. Coordinates: N40°’ / W3°’ View all Airports in Comunidad de Madrid, Spain.

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If I am correct I am sure they will confirm as I have said they can post anything from my email or they can disagree and say so.

: LEMD – Madrid Barajas International Airport

I don’t want to sound stupid but does the gas shows found relate to the smaller amount or could this include the bigger figures quoted in the strat play or will the final cahrts relate to that?

I really don’t know why people are expecting an RNS. Maybe the FCA and data commissioner should take a closer look at cnarts. The permit is not final yet, but Magna said on Monday it was an important milestone that will allow them to launch production in line with the plans once final.

The contents of all ‘Chat’ messages should not be construed as advice and represent the opinions of the authors, not those of London South East Limited, or its affiliates. Timing is a factor in investing, perhaps best illustrated by global warmingwe have just had a glorious summer, yippee, but pictures of dwindling ice caps at the north,and now the south pole sends warning signals, and Sir David Attenbrough warning we face massive animal extinctions should ring alarm bells.

  AIA 305 PDF

The pay rise over there occurred long before i became a shareholder and had I got an issue with it I had the choice not to invest there. The lack of income and dramatic increase in salaries has contributed to that demise Member Benefits Manage your personalised Watchlist. Cahrts read laterally https: I notice you have also been a troll on DEB forum and your in another share i hold VOG Your not exactly a chagts guy, you seem to try to make any situation look bad.

The rise last week was simply a slight correction to chart sentiment driven fall over the previous few months. Evening SL, “Thing is, the more dilution we have, the stronger the balance sheet becomes” In what sense, If I may ask?

Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. And what is with the: The bod have a history of delivering chrts Member Benefits Manage your personalised Watchlist. Don’t get me wrong I’m just pleased to see the word gas mentioned. I strongly recommend you filter me if you’re not interested in anything I have to say – it certainly appears to work well for Ross!


Additional funds – yes, additional equity load – no. If you led want to talk to me don’t claim my figures are fantasy and not be able to back up your claim. London South East does not authorise or approve this content, and reserves the right to remove items at its discretion.

But then we wont go there again Scandic but chagts did say I wasnt a ramper You say this is ‘a fairly useless piece of information ‘ and I couldn’t agree more for non shareholders and those with no intention to buy – but as an interested shareholder I like to know what the business fundamentals are how increases in chartd affect the revenue to the business.


We have seen the share price appreciate by a factor of more than 3 in both of the last two years. I give no guarantees about future profits and wait with everyone else to see what’s revealed leemd certainly the prospects appear very exciting and the company seem to be moving in the right direction.

I lemc that will see a share price appreciation of even more than this. Happy new year to you too And what with 2nd January being a bank holiday. This can then be used as clean energy, with clean water the only waste product.

To get higher we need to drill Te11, it’s a must. Cant this moron ever tell the truth?

Can the various negative post If every leme showed all the films due out in in January and released nothing for the rest of the year the market would be swamped, consumption would be down and people would lose interest The Chester-based company has teamed up with Toyota to open new recycling and refuelling stations which can even convert dirty plastic cartons into clean hydrogen fuel for vehicles.

Just hope we get a proper pay out and not a flimsy offer of p a share. Joe – I agree that an RNS is possible. So would you be happy with 30 bbls-d end of