Feux follets Lyrics: Instrumental. Feux follets. Franz Liszt “Feux follets” Track Info. Written By Franz Liszt. Music Video.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feux Follets is the most difficult of the Transcendental Etudes, Opus 25 Number 6 is, in my opinion, the most difficult of the Chopin Etudes, and all the Hungarian Rhapsodies are dollets difficult.

Transcendental Étude No. 5 (Liszt) – Wikipedia

These two pieces follrts their associated problems with double notes keep coming up for discussion in all sorts of places. But work your way up to them. Views Read Edit View history. Originally posted by Chopin Can you play it all the way through at tempo with good accuracy?

This helps with accuracy because what you are doing is just playing the same arpeggio at different places on the keyboard. These vollets very difficult pieces, even for people with great talent who have put in hours of hard work. The only advice that I can give is, be patient.

This article about a classical composition is a follers. Originally posted by Palindrome: Having tried that on the first page of the etude, I think it makes a lot of sense. But for your information: I am curious about how you practiced Op25 N12, because I am about to start working on it soon.

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3. Liszt – Feux-follets –

I am an amateur pianist too. I am a big fan of etudes myself excluding all the Bergmuller and Kabalevsky crap of coursebut I’m at the very bottom of the ladder, just starting to work my way thru the Chopin’s op If the last thing you studied with your teacher were Cramer and Czerny exercises, then going from that to Feux Follets, Mazeppa, La Campanella, and many of the Chopin etudes you listed is a very folets leap.

It’s next to impossible to help someone at a distance with this sort of thing. Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 91, Thanks a lot for your pointers about Sometimes it is just genetic. IMO, this is quite a feat.

Help improve my ear and vocabulary! Sometimes you can work on a piece more than a year. There is no end of learning. The difficulties I experience won’t be the same as those Stan folets, and yours will be different again. Quote Originally posted by Palindrome: I went through almost all the Czerny etudes, scales, arpeggios, I even studied Hanon and several study books of Beniamino Cesi extensively in my early years. New Topics – Multiple Forums. The moment you feel pain, you have to quit practicing kiszt relax your hands.


One veux I’d like to add that I read somewhere: List of compositions by Franz Liszt. Best way is stretching your fingers. Slenczynska then learned the piece, using “hand positions that would have made Leszchetisky blanch,” but we don’t really know what her performance sounded like.

Transcendental Étude No. 5 (Liszt)

Well I think the ones in Feux-Follets are much more diverse and difficult as well. So please be patient, work it very slow at first and don’t injure your fingers. Music is one thing that cannot be rushed; believe me, I have made the mistake before.

AdminGlobal ModMod. Some may find this boring and time consuming.

Definitely aspire to work on the music you listed; all of them are great pieces. I am from Turkey.