The Complete Vocal Works Johann Pachelbel is known today as a composer of organ music and of a world-famous instrumental canon which frequently. Magnificat in C major, P composer. Johann Pachelbel () ‘For those who know Pachelbel only through the Canon, this album will be revelatory . Among the finest, most performed, and frequently studied of Pachelbel’s works are the 95 short preludial fugues on the Magnificat. They rank among the most.

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In Pachelbel published Hexachordum Apollinis the title is a reference to Apollo ‘s lyrea collection of six variations set in different keys. The King’s Singers are equally stylish, though miked far too close for comfort’ Classical Music Magazine.

Most of Pachelbel’s free fugues are in three or four voices, with the notable exception of two bicinia pieces that were probably magniificat for teaching purposes. Oxford University Press, Pachelbel’s large-scale vocal works are mostly written in magnkficat style influenced by Italian Catholic music, with only a few non-concerted pieces and old plainchant cantus firmus techniques employed very infrequently.

The double fugues exhibit a typical three-section structure: Retrieved from ” https: Frequently some form of note repetition is used to emphasize a rhythmic rather than melodic contour. Great Fugues for Solo Keyboard. Distinct features of Pachelbel’s vocal writing in these pieces, aside from the fact that it is almost always very strongly tonal, include frequent use of mwgnificat fugues and writing for paired voices.

Only two volumes of Pachelbel’s organ music were published and distributed during his lifetime: Although Pachelbel was an outstandingly successful organist, composer, and teacher at Erfurt, he asked permission to leave, apparently seeking a better appointment, and was formally released on 15 Augustbearing a testimonial praising his diligence and fidelity.

The dance movements of the suites show traces of Italian in the gigues of suites magnifict and 6 and German allemande appears in suites 1 and 2 influence, but the majority of the movements are clearly influenced by the French style.

The singing of the Magnificat at Vespers was usually accompanied by the organist, and earlier composers provided examples of Magnificat settings for organ, based on themes from pachelbell chant.

Elements of the choral writing sound not unlike that of Pachelbel’s predecessor Schiitz—though director Ng’s informative and well-researched liner notes point out that Pachelbel would have absorbed the concerted Italianate style while an apprentice in Vienna. One of Pachelbel’s many C major fugues on original themes, this short piece uses a subject with a pattern of repeated notes in a manner discussed above. Lorenz church the same year. Its visibility was greatly increased by its choice as the theme music for the film Ordinary People and by its use as the basis for ” Rain and Tears ” by Aphrodite’s Child which became a million-selling hit single across Europe in Each piece is beautifully served by the ensemble’ The Sunday Times.


Fugue in C major for organ One of Pachelbel’s many C major fugues on original themes, this short piece uses a subject with a pattern of repeated notes in a manner discussed above. The quality of the organs Pachelbel used also played a role: David, “A Lesser Secret of J. As a chronological order is not possible in many cases, the individual works have been arranged according to scoring within their groups.

Pachelbel wrote more than one hundred fugues on free themes.

Pachelbel, Johann / Magnificat I / Bärenreiter Verlag

Pachelbfl to Hyperion Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first. At most, the motets appear occasionally in church music repertoire. With the exception of the three double fugues primi toni No.

This is partly due to Lutheran religious practice where congregants sang the chorales. The six chaconnes, together with Buxtehude’s ostinato organ works, represent a shift from the older chaconne style: The final piece, which is also the most well-known today, is subtitled Aria Sebaldinaa reference to St.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Toccata magnkficat E minor.

Hyperion Records

Pachelbel’s apparent affinity for variation form is evident from his organ works that explore the genre: The canon is actually more of a chaconne or a passacaglia: Furthermore, no other Baroque composer used pedal point with such consistency in toccatas. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Johann Pachelbel.

The slow-moving chorale the cantus firmusi.

Johann Matthesonwhose Grundlage einer Ehrenpforte Hamburg, is one of the most important sources of information about Pachelbel’s life, mentions that the young Pachelbel demonstrated exceptional musical and academic abilities.

The former are either used to provide harmonic content in instrumental sections or to double the vocal lines in tutti sections; the violins either engage in contrapuntal textures of varying density or are employed for ornamentation. Organ Music for the Christmas Season. Pachelbel spent five years in Vienna, absorbing the music of Catholic composers from southern Germany and Italy.


The toccata idiom is completely absent, however, in the short Prelude in A minor:. Household instruments like virginals or clavichords accompanied the singing, so Pachelbel and many of his contemporaries made music playable using these instruments. Johann Pachelbel died at the age of 52, in early Marchand was buried on 9 March; Mattheson cites either 3 March or 7 March as the death date, yet it is unlikely that the corpse was allowed to linger unburied as long as six days.

It included, among other types, several chorales written using outdated models. When former pupil Johann Christoph Bach married in Octoberthe Bach family celebrated the marriage on 23 October in Ohrdrufand invited him and other composers to provide the music; he probably attended—if so, it was the only time J.

Don’t show me this message again. Ideal for reading, study, and performance, with large noteheads, wide margins, and clear reproductions, this modestly priced playing edition of nearly fugues is an essential addition to the libraries of every serious keyboard artist, student, and scholar. Pachelbel’s fugues, however, are almost all based on free themes and it is not yet understood exactly where they fit during the service. Other vocal music includes motetsarias and two masses.

Little Preludes and Fugues. Nevertheless, Pachelbel’s fugues display a tendency towards a more unified, subject-dependent structure which was to become the key element of late Baroque fugues.

The Fugues on the Magnificat for Organ or Keyboard

The models Pachelbel used most frequently are the three-part cantus firmus setting, the chorale fugue and, most importantly, a model he invented which combined the two types. In order to complete his studies he became a scholarship student, inat the Gymnasium Poeticum at Regensburg. Another son, Johann Michael, became an instrument maker in Nuremberg and traveled as far as London and Jamaica.

Ten months later, Pachelbel married Judith Drommer Trummertdaughter of a coppersmith[19] on 24 August The ostinato bass is not necessarily repeated unaltered throughout the piece and is sometimes subjected to minor alterations and ornamentation.