Mapa del Maiz Transgénico en México Science And Technology, Infographic, Aula de el mundo/alimentos transgénicos Science And Technology, Biology. La justicia mexicana ordenó a la Sagarpa y Semarnat suspender todas las actividades de siembra de maíz transgénico en el país, así como. Aunque en México está prohibida la producción de maíz transgénico, este año el gobierno permitirá la importación de 10 millones de.

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Months of effort, initiative, and coordinated mobilization have gone into this. Click here for the list of genetically engineered maize varieties being exported by the government of South Africa. Information has been disseminated through the newspapers, social networks, meetings, assemblies, workshops, international petition campaigns, strikes, sit-in and fasts, public debates, and radio spots by well-known activists, intellectuals, and artists.

Nos transgeenico a tus palabras, Leti. Conabio did not attend either, even though in October it had published a report clearly stating its doubts about the merits of approving GMOs: It is an important time for popular strategizing throughout the country, similar to what occurred in Colombia when the Tribunal held sessions there from to and again from to The host organizations issued a press release that joins the hundreds of trznsgenico statements and documents that together present an edifice of irrefutable argument.

With approval still a serious threat, the groups resumed their mobilization efforts. There is a danger that the new Mexican federal government will use its so-called National Crusade against Hunger, which it is trumpeting to international agencies and the public, as a Trojan horse for GE crops.

In comparison, Mexican peasants plant about billion maize seeds every year, representing 59 native landraces. The Gates Foundation has for some time been promoting its new Green Revolution for Africa, creating a whirlwind of resistance as restrictions on what, how, and where to plant have become increasingly intolerable.

Transgenixo stressed that there is no need for GMOs in Mexico, where there are plenty of native seed varieties. We demand that the federal government put the interests of rural people and the majority of Mexican farmers above those of the transnationals. The organization recently stated:. As part of the TPP process, new spaces known as pre-hearings are emerging in which people and communities in Mexico can work towards an understanding of aspects of the domestic and global situation that are harming them.

Applications for new permits have already been filed, covering as much as 36 million hectares. Amidst the misinformation surrounding the question of whether permits for large-scale planting of GE maize in Mexico will be approved or denied, it is important to make the links between trnasgenico developments: The issue has gone international. What will we do if and when the permits are finally approved, through either legislation or exploitation of legal loopholes, and corporations actually start planting?


They grasp the need for resistance.

RDM has maintained a three-pronged strategy throughout this time: This dynamic, unparalleled mega-experiment in indigenous plant breeding is one the peoples of Mesoamerica have been carrying out ceaselessly for over six thousand years.

We are seeing the proliferation of authoritarian crop intensification systems whose ultimate result is to contaminate native maize varieties in the very centre of origin of this crop — one of the four most important crops in the history of humanity. Pambazuka Press,79— It contends that the Mexican Seeds Act is deliberately designed, as are similar acts throughout the Americas, to criminalize native seed saving, planting, exchanging and trading. I hope that the government of Mexico will take account of the concerns of all interested parties and will make appropriate decisions.

This pre-hearing will also discuss intellectual property and privatization processes as they relate to seeds and tramsgenico materials. Por todas estas razones: Hands off our maize!

¡No al maíz transgénico!

GRAIN is a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. Activists marshaled a wide range of responses to GMOs and to what had seemed to be the unquestionable authority of government officials and scientists.

Autogestionar la salud para salvar la Ultimately, the most trenchant lesson to be derived from these months of uncertainty is that people have to maintain focus on what RDM has been advocating for years: The procedure and deadlines for the approval or denial of commercial planting permits have clearly expired.

Sagarpa, in a phone conversation, declined to attend because it is allegedly waiting for direction from the new government before taking a policy position. And we must defend our land, native seeds, water, knowledge, social systems, and systems of justice.

This response is far removed from the one given in a letter to the same organizations by Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias of the Convention on Biological Diversity:. Another countered that since four months had elapsed since the filing of the applications, the permit was deemed to have been denied.

fundación semillas de vida

With this act of voluntary mortificationl as a civic gesture, we honour those 30 million of our compatriots who go hungry or cannot get enough food every day. In recent years, Mexican activists have put the grave problem of GE contamination in the centre of origin of maize on the radar screen in this country and abroad.


A fifth case will establish the role of government programs, such as imposed agricultural models, privatization, and compulsory individualized landholding, in the dismantlement of peasant life. A third case considers seed-related laws and regulations. The discussion was attended by over a thousand people. Otra sentencia contra Monsanto. It is a significant and straightforward victory in a context in which disinformation and institutional opacity have been the norm.

They end up in the cities, swelling the army of underemployed workers who are the very target of such antihunger crusades. Perhaps there has never been a time when the importance of defending maize and keeping out GMOs have been so firmly understood by the general public in Mexico.

Importarán 30 mil mdp de maíz amarillo transgénico

The national and international political cost in terms of public opinion continues to rise. Caught up in the whirl of events and in the crush of deadlines for granting or denying the commercial planting permits that Monsanto, Dow Agrosciences, and Pioneer PHI Mexico applied for in September, the organizations tramsgenico in the fight against GMOs turned to legal channels.

Countless opinion pieces, news stories, billboards, and Web video and radio interviews have appeared. On another level, the legal and administrative tangle through which various government bodies are attempting to navigate has made it very difficult for them mais act in a coordinated fashion.

GE soybeans and cotton were released for commercial use in Mexico, with immediate transgenio disastrous consequences. Para el ci [ Today, after eleven years of resistance, we raise our voices along with the many others who have sounded the alarm against the threat of permits being granted for commercial planting of GMOs on over 2. Among its allies, it seems, we find some of the same players that have been promoting GMOs as a way to increase productivity, deal with climate change, and offers scientific solutions for agriculture.

No one can mmexico ignore the crucial importance of the number one food staple of the Mexican people and many other peoples around the world. We have said it before, but it must be repeated: